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2nd edition starts! METABA releasing ”NJPW official METABA Avatar Standard Version.” on Oct. 13th, 21:00 (9:00 pm.)JST.

The NFT avatar service of “METABA” operated by Cork,Inc. is characterized by not only owning and appreciating NFTs, but also using them as avatars in the metaverse space (virtual space) and dressing them up in NFT items.

In June 2022, NJPW(New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., Ltd) and Cork.Inc., have teamed up for the first time to sell one NFT avatar each of four of the world’s most popular wrestlers – Hiroshi Tanahashi, Hiromu Takahashi, El Desperado, and Tetsuya Naito – sold as Offers. To commemorate the release, METABA carried out a gift campaign for the METABA avatar NFT(NJPW Official Lion Logo T-shirt) [*1]. We received many applications.


This time, METABA releases standardized version of  “NJPW official METABA Avatar Deluxe Version.”,which was highly populated on the first sales,  ”NJPW official METABA Avatar Standard Version.”

To bring the NJPW’s world view to more people through Metaverse, 10 pieces of each of the four players are available. The price is 0.0445 WETH / 8,800 yen per figure (tax included) at the online store “METABA STORE” and OpenSea.

As in the first series, the second series also allows NFT owners to download avatar data that can be used in the compatible Metaverse and utilities by linking their MetaMask wallet to the official METABA website.These are exclusive costumes, and cannot be used in METABA’s dress-up function.

Please check the Terms of Use, before purchasing METABA.

Terms of Use

2nd Lineup

NJPW official METABA Avatar Standard Version

1.Hiroshi Tanahashi

2.Hiromu Takahashi

3.El Desperado

4.Tetsuya Naito

Sales overview

Name of items:NJPW official METABA Avatar Standard Version

Number of NFT items:each player, 10 items

Sales platform:OpenSea / METABA official ONLINE SHOP”METABA STORE”

Sales Pages

※ Sales Pages will open on Oct.13th.

List Price:Set Price

0.047 ETH on Polygon (WETH)  / ¥8,800 (tax included)

Sales start

21:00 (9:00 pm) on Thursday, Oct. 13th,2022 Japan Standard Time (JST)


You can purchase NFT avatars at the METABA STORE with a credit card or other means, if you do not have Cryptocurrency.However both OpenSea and the Online shop require a Meta Mask wallet for purchasing.Meta Mask wallet can be created by using a smartphone or PC for free.

How to create Meta Mask wallet (YouTube video guidance):


METABA is a NFT avatar service operated by CORK Inc,.

NFT avatars of METABA are compatible with VRN format, and can be used in various metaverse and utilities, such as Cluster, animaze, VtubeStudio, 3tene, VDRAW, Virtual Motion Capture, VRM Automatic Photographing, TDPT. Also avatars clothes can be changed with replaceable NFT items.

Official NFT avatars of celebrities and brands such as Ai Otsuka, Horiemon, and ANNA SUI are also on sale.

About New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., Ltd (NJPW)

NJPW is the largest professional wrestling organization in Japan, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has belonged to the Bushiroad Group since 2012.

With its brand power backed by history and tradition, and the solid content power of its attractive wrestlers, the company attracts professional wrestling fans in Japan and abroad.

President and Representative Director:Takami Ohbari

Location  (HEAD OFFICE):Sumitomo Nakano-sakaue Bldg. 4F 1-38-1 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0011

Established:January 13, 1972

Business Activities:Pro-wrestling performances/ Advertisement and intermediary for product or project promotion /Entertainer appearance mediation/ Issuance and sale of publications

About Cork Inc.

Cork,Inc., is a creator agency with its mission “Change one’s world with the power of story.” We have not only the narrowly defined “editorial skills” to design universal stories that the world seeks, but also the “community producing skills” to create enthusiasm, propagate and amplify value in the world while directly connecting with fans of authors and content.

Founder and CEO:Yohei Sadoshima

Location:Teitoaoyama Bld. 5F, 3-2-3 Shibuya,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 150-0002 

Established:October 1, 2012

Business Activities:Creator agency business

Inquiries from the general public

Inquiries are welcome on the official METABA Discord.