Kazushige Abe

Kazushige Abe is that rare type of talent that has succeeded not only in making an impact on his readers, but also the creators and authors of his own generation. Ever since his debut in 1994 with Day for Night, for which he promptly received the Gunzo Literary New Face Award, Abe has continued to produce award- winning works time and time again. His spy novel Individual Projection even gave birth to the new genre of “Shibuya literature,” causing a sensation in Japanese literary circles. After this great success, Abe went on to win the Noma Literary New Face Award for You Can’t Always Get What You Want, and the 15th Sei Ito Literary Award and the 58th Mainichi Culture Award for Sinsemillas, an epic work featuring over 50 characters. His 2005 novel Grand Finale appropriately enough received one of the most prestigious literary awards in Japan, the Akutagawa Prize, and was followed in 2010 by Pistils, which in turn won the Junichiro Tanizaki Prize. In addition to his successes in Japan, Individual Projection and Sinsemillas have both been translated into French, upon which they received rave reviews from the French literary community.


  • Gunzo Literary New Face Award for Day for Night (1994)
  • Noma Literary New Face Award for You Can’t Always Get What You Want (1999)
  • Sei Ito Literary Award and Mainichi Culture Award for Sin Semillas (2004)
  • Akutagawa Prize for Grand Finale (2005)
  • Junichiro Tanizaki Prize for Pistils (2009)

Translated Works

  • 13th Pillar and Quasar, Gamme Magie Editions, Thailand (2015)
  • Mysterious Setting, RH Korea Co., Ltd., South Korea (2015)
  • Sinsemillas, Editions Philippe Picquier, France (2013)
  • IP/NN, Gamme Magie Editions, Thailand (2013)
  • Ride on Time, Neue Rundschau 1/2012 Fischer Verlage, Germany (2012)
  • Projection Privée, Actes Sud, France (2000)

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